Shanalee Sharboneau, author

Children's Author Shanalee Sharboneau spent most of her life in Texas. With immigrant Irish Grandparents, growing up she heard tales of Vikings, castles, leprechauns and banshees.

When Shanalee's son Braydon was born in 2010, he had severe reflex. She and her husband, Perry, spent the first 6 months with their son on a 24/7 vigilant watch to make sure his condition did not bring him back to Heaven.

Shanalee spent countless hours rocking her son all hours of the day and night humming nursery tunes to calm him. None of them worked, until she began to hum a melody which later formed words. These words turned into lyrics, lyrics turned into verses, and the verses became the beautiful lullaby she sang to her newborn son entitled "My Mama Loves Me".


After Braydon's reflux went away, Shanalee wrote down all the melodies to the lullaby so she would not forget the loving song she once sang to her infant son over and over again to calm him in his time of need.  This became the book "My Mama Loves Me: I'm Her Little Boy" in her upcoming children's series "My Family Loves Me".

Shanalee and Braydon

Israel dilean, illustrator

Israel Dilean is an illustrator and storyboard artist from Brazil. A lover of the arts, he has a degree in animation, a passion for cinema, and is specializing his career in visual storytelling. He directed the

animation short Millie and is looking to become a professional animation director in the future.

To learn more about his work and art, visit his website at